Top 5 Techniques to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

how-to-become-smarter-emotionalEveryone is pretty much familiar with the IQ and what it means for a person’s intelligence. One thing you may not have known though is that EQ is just as important as IQ and just like IQ, you can take steps to improve your EQ. You may not realize it now but a high IQ is pretty much worthless if you do not have high EQ to balance it out. You can become more intelligent and it doesn’t always have to be your IQ to focus on.

What is EQ?

According to Daniel Goleman EQ stands for “Emotional Quotient” and while it can become really complex it is basically the measure of how well you interact with others. It might seem like nothing more than a natural skill for you but it is worth knowing how to improve your EQ. After all, maintaining social relationships is quite crucial for maintaining overall health and beauty and this is why it is essential to become more emotionally intelligent.

How to become more intelligent (EQ)? (more…)

Is Intelligence Hereditary? Role of Genes on Being Smart

how-to-become-smarter-genes-hereditaryA lot of people tend to look at really smart people and wonder how in the world they got so smart. Were they genetic flukes? Did they go to good schools? Where their parents geniuses of some sort? Intelligence is something that is hard to grasp mainly because it is not something you can see and feel but it has been studied for so long that most experts can confidently say that genes play a big part in determining how intelligent a baby will grow up to be. Genetic influences on intelligence are quite marked and if you happen to be smart, you can thank your smart parents for bestowing you with grey matter that is of above average smarts.

Acquired intelligence from genetic factors is generally accepted in the scientific community but this doesn’t mean that it is the only factor to consider when it comes to intelligence quotient rates. There are many other factors to consider and they are as follows: (more…)

How to Help Your Kids to get Smarter?

how-to-become-smarter-kidsEveryone always says that the kids are the future and if you have kids, it is your mission to make sure they are as intelligent as they can be so that they excel in life and become functioning members of society. Now some kids will naturally have higher IQ and EQ than others and while no parent likes to think that their kids are anything less than perfect, that is a fact.

If you want to make sure that your kids are as smart as they can become, you will want to know how to get smarter so you can teach your kids the techniques. You just have to understand that you will need to get creative since kids learn a little differently than adults. (more…)

Learning a Second Language can Make You Smarter

how-to-become-smarter-language-learningDo you ever wonder why some people just seem to be so much smarter than everyone else? It can be very frustrating especially if you feel that your mind is capable of so much more yet it seems like you have hit a block of some sort. Some people think that to sharpen the mind is impossible especially as they have already gotten older but what they do not realize is that it is indeed possible to sharpen the mind at an older age. Sure, you will probably be nowhere near the level of Nicola Tesla or Albert Einstein but you can become smarter than you are now and that will make you happy.

There are so many ways you can sharpen the mind and increase mental ability. You can try yoga, meditation, or brain puzzles and you can even try to learn a second language.  Most people who want to boost brain power will turn to meditation or brain puzzles to give their brains a workout and that is fine. But if you want to learn a second language to expand your knowledge then by all means go ahead and do so. Not only will you be learning an extremely useful skill but you will also be sharpening your mind which is really a win-win type of situation. (more…)

How to become Smarter by exercise. Start working out!

how-to-become-smarter-working-outThere are countless benefits a person can get from a regular exercise routine.  However, this free and effective health regimen has been taken for granted by people for far too long.  Well, it is high time for everyone to step up and exercise.  A famous American rock musician once said, “I thought you know the food and the diet thing is one way to start yourself onto a healthy lifestyle, but if you don’t move, if you don’t start exercising, you’re going to deteriorate.”  He was right on!  Exercising not only helps a person improve physically with muscle strength, flexibility, and increase lean body mass– it also helps boost brain power and develop intelligence, enabling a person to think clearer.  In short, exercising is an answer to the question, how to get smarter?

Since time immemorial, people have been wondering how to get smarter.  They never realized that the answer was staring them right in the face.  As a matter of fact, in 65 BC, the famous Roman politician and philosopher, Marcus Cicero once stated that exercise alone supports the spirits and keeps the mind in vigor.  In his time however, this was just a hypothesis.  Today, however, countless researches have been completed and have successfully shown the advantages that exercise can bring in terms of clarity and brain function.

Let us discuss how to get smarter with the effects of exercising on the brain with the following scenarios: (more…)

Bigger Heads and Brains- Do They Make You Smarter?

big-head-smartYou know how it is when people refer to someone who is not particularly smart as a “pea brain?” It should make you wonder if brain size really does have anything to do with intelligence. Just as people assume that dumb people have brains the size of a pea, they also refer to smart people as “mega brains” or say that smart people are the ones with bigger heads. So the question here is that does it really matter what size your head/brain is with regards to intelligence? This can be worrisome to people who want to know how to become more intelligent because really, how can they increase the sizes of their heads and/or their brains? Is there a way to improve brain power?

Bigger brains/head as a measure of intelligence

We are not talking laughably massive heads here but rather referring to heads that are just slightly larger than average and house brains that are slightly bigger than usual. Studies have shown that larger brains and larger heads are indeed somewhat smarter and have higher intelligence quotient than the general population but that really should not get you down. Sure, your head may be about average in size and perhaps you are of average intelligence, but if you want to know how to become more intelligent without having to resort to surgery or some other scary procedure.  Below are some exercises that will make you more intelligent but only if you stick to them and perform them regularly. There are no short cuts when it comes to sharpening your mind and gaining better intelligence. (more…)

Staying Smart and Sharp as You Age

sharp-mind-old-become-smarterAs you get older, you may be more susceptible to sicknesses and different kinds of diseases especially if you did not live a healthy lifestyle when you were younger. Despite this usual scenario though, there are ways to improve memory and be smarter even as you get older. According to a study which was done by the federal Institute of Medicine, one out of five people who are 65 years or older have one or even more mental health or substance abuse conditions. Memory improvement is not impossible even after you reach your senior years and by following these tips, you can enhance memory power and stay sharp as you grow older: (more…)

How to Use technology to Become Smarter

tech-how-to-become-smarterIt seems just like yesterday when people were so fascinated by pagers and typewriters and now people are walking around with cell phones that can access the internet, give them directions, and even measure their heart rates and hack credit cards. People are now using computers that were just mere dreams a decade ago. Indeed technology is improving and growing by leaps and bounds but the question here is what are you doing about it? Another question that begs to be asked is if you are even making use of technology at all?

One of the best things about technology is that it opens a whole new world for you to enjoy and gives you more chances to learn.  For people who want to know how to become smarter, the answer is staring you in the face and all you need to do is grasp it and make use of it to improve brain power.

How to become smarter and raise your IQ by using technology (more…)

Myth or not: Asians in General are Smarter than the Rest of the World

asians-how-to-become-smarterThere are many factors that affect a person’s intelligence level and genetics is one of them while school systems are another. After all, you may be born smart but if it is not nurtured there is a chance that you may not amount to much. However, some people or there is a general consensus that seems to allude that Asians are more intelligent people than the rest of the world. Some people say this is true while others say it is just propaganda. However, considering that average Asian IQ scores are at 106 while the average IQ scores for whites are at 100 and other races fall into 70 to 99 scale, it does indeed seem like Asians are smarter but not that much and it really doesn’t make much of a difference. Perhaps what really makes Asian stand out in terms of intelligence is the way they go about studying and school work.

Young Asians are trained at a young age to really bunker down and study and it seems that the practice, along with their IQ, is breeding academic virtuosos. Do not let this get you down though since there are also not-so-smart Asians just as there are extremely smart people of other races. If you believe that you have it in you to be smarter (as smart as Asians) there are some things you can do to have a smarter brain. (more…)

Six Steps to an Intelligent Job Interview

job-interview-look-smart-become-smarterJob interviews are tough stages for each person hoping to land that dream job; and why shouldn’t it be when it is the only avenue for an employer to assess the candidate thoroughly to determine if he or she is fit for the job?  Well, the good news is that a job interview should not necessarily be tough. After all, it’s just a conversation between two people getting to know each other, and who better to tell that interviewer the best things about you but yourself!

Before going to your interview, it is important to look smart in a job interview.  How do you achieve that?  Take note of these things: (more…)